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Storage Tanks
Polythylene storage tanks
Hugo Jahnz Systems began representing Rotationally Molded Polyethylene tanks in 1976. We were one of the first companies to tout the benefits of molded tanks from High Density Linear Polyethylene and High Density Crosslinked Polyethylene resins. Today we have many sizes and shapes to fit almost every application for storing and containment of hazardous chemicals up to 15,000 gallons. With awareness being raised for environmentally friendly products, we have a line of Double Wall Polyethylene tanks up to 6500 gallons.
Fiberglass reinforced plastic

When polyethylene is not the answer we go to our Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) providers for unmatched quality. Where we have space limitations or elevated temperature FRP is a great alternative.

We also provide a line of fabricated metal storage tanks from most weldable alloys. Our manufacture can build tanks to UL, API and ASTM specifications.

For large storage requirements we can provide the latest fabrication and erection of flat panel storage tanks. With capacities up to 3,000,000 gallons, we offer a wide range of holding capability. For your Ground Storage Tank requirements, we offer the best technology, fabrication and installation on the market today.


Metering pumps and accessories

Metering Pumps and Accessories
Hugo Jahnz Systems provides proven pump technology with metering pump lines. We provide diaphragm, hydraulic and peristaltic type metering pumps to fit every application. If your application requires a transfer pump, our full line of centrifugal magnetic drive pumps perform above the rest.

Many times clients request more than just a pump. Hugo Jahnz Systems can build a system or replace your existing system with controllers, pulsation dampners, filters, injection quills and notification alarms to completely automate your pumping application. Our office can supply every metering pump accessory to complete your system. Whether you are looking for only a pump or a complete system, Hugo Jahnz Systems can provide you with a solution.


Excell Polymer Feeders

Polymer Feed
With years of experience and a taste for getting it better, Hugo Jahnz Systems has teamed with Excell Feeders to supply our customers with the latest in Polymer feed equipment. Excell Feeders provide a reliable, NO-maintenance, reasonably-priced way to feed liquid and dry polymer.

Excell Feeders' benefits to you are: free trial for 30 days with a rental program available for longer trials, direct warranty program, simple to install with our modular design, and the units are self cleaning. No other available Polymer Feeder can match this product line.


Liquid lime feed equipment

Liquid Lime Feed Equipment
The new way to feed lime into your water treatment plant. No more dusty, dirty, back-breaking hydrated lime equipment problems. Your only concern is when to re-order your next load of chemical. This technology is widely used in municipal water treatment plants through out the states. A free trial for serious clients is offered gladly.


Volumetric dry feeders

Dry Feeders
Volumetric Dry Feeders are used in many applications in municipal and industrial water treatment. High quality stainless steel construction and years of solving problems with the motor/auger arrangement of other feeders, has brought us to the best performing feeder on today's market. You can spend more for your dry feed equipment but can't get the quality of our unit.


Calcium hypochlorite tablet feeder

Calcium Hypochlorite Tablet Feeder
When circumstances call for a better plan to feed hypochlorite, think of our tablet feeder. Using new designs, we offer a unit that is non-corrosive, automatic and economical. Forget the problems associated with the old tablet feeders. No more messy cleanups and maintenance for our unit. Since it is a batching feeder, you are always supplied with fresh Calcium Hypochlorite. Is Chlorine Gas causing environmental issues for your municipality? Let us show you how to overcome these issues with the safety of the Calcium Hypochlorite Batch Feeder.


Batch make up systems

Batch Make Up Systems
For some smaller water and wastewater plants, making up chemical solutions by mixing dry products with water is standard operation procedure. Using our fabrication group with our product lines, we can supply our customers with a batching system that meets their requirements. Hugo Jahnz Systems can develop and provide a tank with integrated mixer mount and mixer, with metering or transfer pump and with level or auto shut off devices for safety and performance. When possible we suggest the all-plastic tank and stand for the batch tank. Your plant will look good with our no-rust, no-flaking tank and stand. House keeping is easy; just wash it down with a hose.


Weighing and level control

Weighing and Level Control
With the highest quality manufactures on today's market, Hugo Jahnz Systems provides instruments that are user friendly and reliable. Whether you need a level monitor, scales, load cells or a simple sight gauge let us solve your problem.


Chemical injection technologies

Chemical Injection Technologies
Since 1992, Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. has been setting the standard for excellence supplying technolgically advanced Superior brand Gas Chlorinators, Sulfonators and Ammoniators designed for water and wastewater treatment needs. Superior products are safer, economical and user friendly. Chemical Injection Technologies, Inc. is recognized as a world leader in water and wastewater treatment and an ISO certified company.


Other Products
Hugo Jahnz Systems can also provide these accessories and products to our customers.

Custom-Fit Heating Blankets for a variety of chemical applications.

Filtration equipment from bags to cartridges to very large automatic systems.

Quick opening Manways for Metal, Fiberglass and Plastic Storage Tanks.


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